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get your heart rate up, and get a high-energy workout? Cardio classes at V Olympia Fitness are sure to bring the heat. Incorporating cardio into your workout routine is important for heart health, endurance, and weight management. Dance lovers to boxing buffs can enjoy our wide selection of 30- to 60-minute cardio classes. Combining high-energy, electrifying music with our enthusiastic instructors is a recipe for a great workout. Blow off some steam with martial arts-based Combat Ladder, groove to the beat at Zumba, or torch fat while building muscle in Tabata. Be sure to bring comfortable workout clothing, water, and get ready to sweat. Try out a cardio class today!

Cardio fitness

is important to everyone. Quality cardio workouts can help everybody reach their health and fitness goals, whether those goals include new personal records for competition, lowering blood pressure, reducing cholesterol levels, managing diabetes.

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